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Patio RoofingSpending time outside in your patio is a very enjoyable experience and installing patio roofing will insure that you are able to do it independent of the weather. Patio roofing protects you and your patio from the elements, such as rain. There are many different kinds of patio roofing that are available, so how do you know which type is a good fit for your patio? Let’s look at a few of the most commonly used types of materials and styles so that you can decide.

Patio Covers as Patio Roofing

Having a patio cover as a roof is a cost-effective way of taking advantage of all the benefits of a patio roof. Most types of patio covers are do-it-yourself kits and can be installed by the homeowners themselves. If you are not the handyman sort of person, consider getting a relative or friend who is, to come and install the patio cover for you if you decide you would like to have one.

Patio covers can either be attached or freestanding and you should choose one of these types based on whether you will want your patio cover to be permanent or not. If you need to take the patio cover down for winter months or some other reason, get a freestanding one.

Aluminum Patio Roofing

Aluminum Patio RoofingAluminum patio roofs are meant to be permanent, so if you have a temporary solution in mind, you can skip this option. Plain aluminum roofs tend to be hot during the mid-day sun, but there are types of aluminum patio roofing that come insulated with foam for maximum protection and temperature control.

Some models of aluminum roofing can be found that look like wood if you prefer that type of style, but want the characteristics of aluminum.

Fabric Patio Roofing

The most popular type of fabric that is used to create patio roofing is canvas. Canvas is a very durable type of fabric that can also be waterproofed if so desired. In order to use fabric for roofing material, you will also need to install some type of frame to support the fabric and also to hold it in place through the years of patio use.

Canvas can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and designs. Creating a roof with canvas means you can also match your homes décor or create the mood that you desire in your patio environment.

If you decide to use another type of fabric as patio roofing, be sure that it is durable enough to be used outdoors. If you do not get something durable, wind gusts and the elements can cause damage and rips to the fabric. Having to frequently replace the fabric will be costly and a huge headache.

Fiberglass Corrugated Patio Roofing

Fiberglass Corrugated Patio RoofingCorrugate polycarbonate roofing comes in a variety of colored panels, and for a permanent roofing solution they are an excellent choice. It is lightweight, durable and very cost effective.

Unless you are a handyman, a professional that knows what he is doing should install this type of patio roof. It will require building a frame to support the panels as well as properly integrating the panels to the frame.

No matter which type of patio roofing that you decide to use, make sure it is of good quality so that you can enjoy your efforts for many years in the future.

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