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Tips on Making Covered Patio Plans

Covered Patio PlansIf you are considering covered patio plans to make your home more attractive, perhaps it would be better to consider adding more furniture and decorations, as well. For instance, if you plan to use your patio as an extended living area, you can add tall chutes of bamboo and enclose the area with an arbor above. This would be a great place for hanging out and eating breakfast or lunch. Just see to it that you make enough room for chairs and a table.

Your covered patio plans may also include plants in vibrant colors. Planting a variety of flora will make your home cozier and more aesthetically appealing. If you want to see birds and butterflies hovering around, your covered patio plans should include elements such as potting soil, containers, and lighting fixtures. You will be able to attract these wonderful creatures if only you will make the area attractive and friendly for them.

best Covered Patio PlansMake sure that the containers you use have drain holes at the bottom. You can use clay, wood, or plastic containers; choose the ones that would go best with your covered patio plans. If you choose plastic containers, however, you should realize that they retain moisture better than wood or clay containers; so it is very important for them to have drain holes. The potting soil you choose should also drain well.

In addition, you should put saucers under the containers to prevent patio staining. Observe how much sunlight your patio receives, so you can choose which plants to consider for your covered patio plans. Petunias can easily survive in containers while fuchsias and begonias are perfect for hanging baskets. Herbs such as parsley and dill can be sources of food for caterpillars while marigolds and cosmos will surely be enjoyed by butterflies. Your covered patio plans should be made with details and accuracy so you will be able to achieve what you want for your home.

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