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3 Patio Roof Designs

3 Patio Roof Designs

3 Patio Roof DesignsIntroduction

A patio can be an attractive and luxurious addition to any home. It gives you the opportunity to design a kind of outdoor living room – somewhere to sit and relax while enjoying the fresh air, a book, or the company of family.

However, a patio may be uncomfortable on very hot and sunny days. People who are sensitive to the sun in general may not want to expose themselves to too much of it by spending a lot of time on the patio.

Other people may want to enjoy a warm summer rain outdoors without getting wet. One way of getting maximum use out of your patio, even on rainy or very sunny days, is to add a patio roof. A patio with a roof provides shade and shelter and can make a comfortable patio even more convenient and welcoming.

What are some ideas for patio roof designs?

There are many options for patio roof designs. Some of them can be constructed easily, and others may benefit from the work of a contractor. Here are three materials to consider using in your patio roof.3 Patio Roof Designs Wood

• Wood: a patio roof can be made out of wooden planks or slats laid next to each other. This is a sturdy patio roof design that can also be the base for outdoor ceiling fans or light fixtures. It can provide full cover from the elements, and the homeowners doesn’t have to worry about it getting wet or covered in snow. If the owner doesn’t mind rain getting through, the planks can have spaces between them to let in filtered sunlight. This particular kind of roof is called a pergola.

• Cloth: with a wooden frame or pergola, a cloth patio roof can be attractive and practical. Homeowners can get creative with the print, shape, and thickness of the cloth. It can be draped loosely over the frame to provide light shade or to complement the rest of the patio décor. It can also be set up as a temporary roof that can be retracted, like curtains, on nice days or when more sunlight is needed.

• Plant life: also over a wooden frame or pergola, a “roof” made out of plant life can be beautiful and effective. A homeowner with a green thumb may want to try growing vines or climbing flowers over the patio, which will provide shade as well as splashes of color and fragrance. 3 Patio Roof Designs Plant LifeA professional gardener can provide further expertise. While this patio roof design can be desirable for its beauty, it requires more maintenance than other patio roof materials. The plants will need help, especially in the beginning, to establish themselves. However, many hearty vines and flowers can survive without much help once they begin to thrive.

Not all roof designs are suitable for all patios. Homeowners should take into account their climate, budget, and other factors.

Building a full-cover wooden patio roof with ceiling fans may not be affordable, and building a pergola with a screen of flowers over it may not be sustainable in extreme climates or during droughts. Luckily, there are countless options for attractive and practical patio roof designs.

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